Benefits of cutting down

The UK Department of Health lists a range of benefits of cutting down on alcohol.

The immediate effects of cutting down include:

  • arrowFeeling better in the mornings
  • Being less tired during the day
  • Your skin may start to look better
  • You’ll start to feel fitter
  • You may lose weight
  • You can save money

 Long-term benefits include:

  • Mood: alcohol is a depressant so cutting can put you in a better mood and reduce anxiety. There is a strong link between heavy drinking and depression.
  • Sleep: drinking can affect your sleep so cutting down means better sleep patterns and you will less tired.
  • Behaviour: drinking can affect your judgment and behaviour. You may behave irrationally or aggressively when you’re drunk. Memory loss can be a problem during drinking and in the long-term for regular heavy drinkers.
  • Heart: long-term heavy drinking can lead to your heart becoming enlarged. This is a serious condition that can’t be completely reversed, but stopping drinking can stop it getting worse.
  • Immune system: regular drinking can affect your immune system. Heavy drinkers tend to catch more infectious diseases.

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