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Contact information

WDP Croydon

Action House,
28 Sydenham Road,
Croydon, CR0 2EF

T: 0208 662 4770
F: 020 8662 4780
Out of hours helpline: 0845 056 0099

Services provided at WDP Croydon

WDP Croydon offers both Criminal Justice services (DIP-Drug Interventions Programme) and an Outreach service.

The Criminal Justice team is composed practitioners who deliver Integrated Offender Management across the borough in the Croydon Magistrates Court, police stations and HMP Highdown London based prisons. WDP Croydon has also a team of Through Care and Open Access workers who offer referral and signposting to other services as well as case management and structured interventions.

The Outreach team service is composed of practitioners who go out into the local community to offer support and advice to drug and alcohol users.

Croydon DIP provides the following services: 

  • General support and advice
  • One-to-one structured support and case management of DIP clients within an Integrated Offender Management model
  • Referral into drug treatment
  • Advice on harm minimisation
  • Blood Borne Virus services
  • Prison link service
  • Support with Education, Training and Employment (ETE)
  • Housing advice and referral
  • Advice and information about benefits
  • Specialist support from trained practitioners for people with the 'dual diagnosis' of mental health and substance use problems, through our Linked In project. Click here for more information about Linked In

How to access the DIP service:

Target Group: Croydon residents aged 18 or over who are involved in the Criminal Justice System and in need of support regarding their substance misuse.
Referral Procedure:Self referral by phone or referrals from other agencies such as Probation, Courts, Prison and Police.
You can contact the DIP team on 0208 662 4770 or via email at

Croydon Outreach provides the following services: 

The Croydon outreach team focuses on various substance misusing street populations including: street based sex workers, chaotic drug users, poly drug users, dual diagnosis clients, service users from black, minority and other ethnic groups, homeless people, and street drinkers.

In addition to engaging with substance users, the team also makes contact with local businesses and members of the public to ensure that they are aware of the services that are available in Croydon. This also provides further insight into the local community, helps to identify any problem hotspots and new clients in need of substance misuse support.

The outreach work involves working closely with Safer Neighbourhood teams in the borough doing joint outreach to target problematic drug and alcohol users and reduce the impact on the local community. The Outreach team provides satellites services in strategic locations in Croydon including at the Job Centre Plus, treatment agencies, Salvation Army and local hostels. Outreach practitioners support clients by offering harm minimisation advice, referral into treatment, as well as housing advice and referral. The team also attends weekly meeting for housing provision in the borough focusing on linking clients into suitable local housing options to address support needs.

Charing multi-agency safer streets meetings identifying vulnerable individuals. 

The breakfast club is a service aimed at supporting clients with alcohol and substance misuse issues by working to enhance motivation to engage and, providing practical support and advice around housing/benefits/employment access to drug and alcohol treatment services. 

Practitioners support clients by offering the following services:

  • Keywork sessions
  • Harm minimisation advice and information
  • Referral into drug and/or alcohol treatment services
  • Housing advice and referral
  • Support with accessing benefits
  • Breakfast club 
  • Evening social club 
  • Assertive outreach for clients who have dropped out of treatment / are not engaging.

How to access the Outreach service:

WDP Outreach service is open to all residents of the borough of Croydon aged over 18 who have a substance misuse issue and would like support with accessing treatment or housing. Clients can self refer, or agencies can refer by contacting the Outreach team on 0208 662 4792, or by email on

Useful links

Find out information about the activities organised by the Croydon Peer Led User Group on this page: The group is led by current and former service users of alcohol and drug services within the borough of Croydon and they organise various activities in Croydon.